Fly Girl Foodie | B’s Wine Bar – Tammie Boutte General Manager
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B’s Wine Bar – Tammie Boutte General Manager

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Tammie Boutte, General Manager at B’s Wine Bar in Missouri City, TX August 4, 2017, and found out that B’s Wine Bar is not your ordinary wine bar. What sets them apart from others is they provide a full-service bar with a succulent food and wine menu.  The decor is impeccably stylish, chic, and all with a very modern twist. When asked what B’s wants customers to take with them, Tammie stated, “We want our customers to have a relaxing experience, tasting some of the best wines, amazing food and receiving the best customer service.” Tammie closed by stating “We absolutely love our customers!”.

My entire family enjoyed an amazing experience at B’s the evening of August 4th celebrating my sister Cecelia Watkins-Hurd’s birthday. The live music, beautiful catered spread, incredible service and loving staff made her birthday so special. The service at B’s Wine Bar goes beyond good….it’s infused with love and compassion for people. That is the right kind of “level-of-excellence” in my book any day!

“For this venture – B’s Wine Bar – I chose a location that was dear to my heart: Sienna Plantation, which is not only a great community, but is also where I call home. The bar is located in a business shopping enclave among other various established businesses, which should allow us to attract a broad section of patrons to come and socialize in a friendly, intimate, accessible and relaxing atmosphere. Our centrally located bar will appeal to after-work clientele from nearby offices, business travelers, stay-at-home moms (and dads) and neighborhood (young) adults looking to spend a night out, without having to drive far or deal with the crowds and traffic of the downtown nightlife. My choice for this location came about also from a constant refrain that was etched in my head and that proved accurate: location, location, location.

My journey is only beginning with this bar and the fact that it is carrying my name gives me a greater incentive to steer it to a successful existence. I anticipate the work ahead to be even more challenging and looking forward to all the new things that I am about to learn on this journey. I promise to regularly come back to this blog to pen down my excitements, frustrations, achievements, failures, challenges, etc, as I follow this journey to its completion and hope my experience will encourage other female entrepreneurs to get off the fence and jump in with their own business ideas – all to give our young girls and women a sense of empowerment and an unencumbered spectrum of possibilities for their future.

Our selection of wines and spirits serves as the foundation to an unmatched atmosphere and a menu chosen specifically to enhance your visit to our bar in Missouri City.

We’ve paid special attention to every detail, from the unique wine selection, the rich small plate menu, the interior decor, the attention and dedication of the staff to make your visit with us one that you will remember for a long time.”– Bonita Billings | Owner B’s Wine Bar

B’s Wine Bar

8770 Hwy 6, Suite 300
Missouri City, TX 77459


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