Fly Girl Foodie | About
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Tonya Watkins-Butler

embodies the definition of a Foodie. She is a food enthusiast and world traveler behind She is a Texas native and has had the pleasure of traveling the world working for a major airline, as a Flight Attendant, for 29+ years. 

Tonya has been providing food recipes, food and restaurant recommendations to her friends, neighbors, and community for years.  Most who know her, know that she’s been a major foodie her whole life and is the go-to person to ask what and where to eat.  Tonya is the kind of foodie that remembers every intricate detail about a great meal, and then excitedly, shares those details and her experience. allows Tonya to officially provide her food recommendations and resources in one place and venture out as a food blogger. For many years, many people have strongly urged her to start a food blog, due to her ability to recognize and appreciate great cuisine of all types and this website is a reflection of that.