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Common Grounds Sit and Chill with Fly Girl Foodie

I am super excited to feature Common Grounds Sit and Chill Coffee House, an incredibly cute and quaint little coffee house deep in the heart of Lake Charles, Louisiana and I hope you’ll enjoy this sweet journey as much as I have. I decided to feature Common Grounds Sit and Chill because of the uniqueness of this great establishment and Owners, Michele and Reginal Williams. It’s far from your average coffee house for many reasons from the beautiful historical building it’s housed in, warm and inviting atmosphere, to the insanely delicious and extensive menu! They not only serve up a mean cup of Joe, Tea, Wine and Margaritas, but offers a full menu of traditional Cajun, American, and Soul Food items that will have you running back for more than the average caffeine fix.

This gorgeous 115-year old house adorned with original hardwood floors and ceilings, cozy couches, recliners, and rocking chairs with a down-home comfortable atmosphere easily entices one to curl up with a good book and sit, sip, eat, and chill. Speaking of eating…allow me to tell you about my dining experience. First of all, Michele and her staff literally greeted me and every customer in such a way that immediately feels like HOME! Once I was seated I started to really take in and enjoy the beauty, comfort and amazingly great vibes. I started with a great Caramel Macchiato, and followed with everything homemade but the kitchen sink like… Mac-n-Cheese, Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes, Club Sandwich, Shrimp-n-Grits, Ms. Liz’s Peach Cobbler and so much more! The Mac was very good, the Chicken salad was moist, and perfectly seasoned, Club Sandwich was Toasted to perfection, the Shrimp-n-Grits are a force to be reckoned with…and Ms. Liz’s Homemade Peach Cobbler…is to die for!!!

Owner Michele Williams is the most compassionate, kind, hospitable, and courteous host and a retired Flight Attendant for Southwest Airlines who has always dreamed of owning a coffee house in her hometown. Because of her strong convictions to faith, family, community and inequality, she prides herself on building and helping the community. Be assured that on every given day, you’ll see Michele’e beautiful face in the place as she lovingly welcomes and serves the community that gives back. During the entire time I dined on scrumptious food, I witnessed at least 20ppl from the community coming in to drop off clothes, can goods, and personal items for those in need because Michele sponsors drives to assist those in need not just during the holidays, but those in need everyday. Her Faith, husband, children, and amazing family to include incredible mother (Ms. Liz), and a host of friends, and the community are the forces that drive her to perfection everyday.

Although Michele’s recipe for the success of her coffee shop will never be revealed, she states ‘that the most important recipe’s don’t have anything to do with coffee or food…but has everything to do with the love, respect, and compassion in which we treat each other…that’s how we operate…and as for us…we will always honor serve, and praise God Almighty in this house!!” I said Amen Sister! While I sat, chilled and ate my way to oblivion, I witnessed customers stopping by to pin prayer requests on a special board located in the front of this coffee house. When I asked Michele how it worked she sweetly stated “we have a prayer group that meets here for coffee, and we take all prayer request off the board at the end of each day, and pray for specifically for them”. Breaking news!!! They also have Karaoke on Select Friday & Saturday Nite’s!!! Woot Woot!!!!

And at the end of this fabulous day I am happy, fat, and honored to know Michele for the past 25 years! She’s been as sweet, ambitious, and approachable as they come! Seriously! Just get on over to Common Grounds Sit and Chill and get your groove on! In more ways than one!



4185 Hwy 171

Lake Charles, LA 70611



Hours of Operation:

Mon-Wed  6 am – 6pm

Th-Sat 6 am – 8pm

Sunday Closed

Social Media:

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